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Upcoming Events and Classes

Combating Anxiety and Stress with Food

Monday, September 14thth, 12-12:30 at Northeast Community Center

Come learn about foods, supplements and easy stress reduction techniques in this free talk.

Dairy Free Milk Alternative Substitutes

Sunday, October 11th, 3-4:30 at the Mississippi Herb Shoppe

Many people struggle with a sensitivity to dairy. It can be very congesting and is considered a main suspect in maladies, such as acne, weight gain and allergies. Join Valerie Roth Schafer and Teri Sprouse, Holisitic Nutritionists, for this Dairy-Free Milk Substitutes Primer where you will learn how to create your very own dairy free milk alternatives. We will make three different kinds substitutes  – one using grains, one with nuts and one with seeds.  Tastes will be shared and suggestions for what to do with the leftover nut pulp will be explored.  Join us in this dynamic class so you can decide on your milk of choice!  Sign up  here.

Eating for Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails.

Monday, October 12th, 12-12:30 at Northeast Community Center

The condition of our hair, skin and nails can often be a sign of our overall health.  Join us in our discussion about how to support the growth of these three important parts of our bodies.

Food Survival Tips for the Holiday Season

Monday, November 9th, 12–12:30 at Northeast Community Center.

This month’s free topic will focus on tips to survive all the holiday festivities, including parties and the traditional family meal.

Let’s Make Fire Cider

Sunday, November 8th, 3-4:30 at the Mississippi Herb Shoppe

This age old remedy is becoming all the rage due to its stellar health benefits!  Join Fire Brew maker, Valerie Roth Schafer, and Holistic Nutritionist Teri Sprouse as we chop, dice and shred a cornucopia of nutritious ingredients. You will walk away with a powerhouse tonic that will keep your immunity systems firing on all cylinders as the winter season approaches!  Bring an apron, knife mason jar and cutting board to this one!.  Cost is $40 and includes all supplies . Please bring a a knife, cutting board, apron and mason jar.   Sign up here.

Gift Making Classes for Kids and Adults

Saturday, December 5th, Kids class from 1-2:15 and Adult class 2:30-4


Intuitive Eating

Monday, December 14th at 12 in the lobby of the  Northeast Community Center

Intuitive Eating is a philosophy that helps people explore their thoughts and feelings around food so they can enjoy a healthy relationship with food.  Intuitive Eating helps you tune into your body’s cues about hunger and satiety so you can begin  to trust your body’s inner wisdom about what it needs to thrive.  This is a free talk and is open to members and non-members.





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