Why Nutrition Therapy

“He who cures a disease may be the skillfullest, but he that prevents it is the safest physician.”  Thomas Fuller




What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutrition therapy is part of a growing movement in the field of diet and nutrition.  It believes every person is a unique individual with specific requirements to optimize his or her health.  It knows that two people may present with similar symptoms but have vastly different treatment needs.  While recognizing each person’s bio-individuality, Nourished Roots believes everyone can benefit from a clean, non-processed whole foods diet. I believe in working with each individual client to identify their unique health needs.  Through the use of foods and sometimes supplementation, nutritional therapy can be applied to all areas of health including infertility, diabetes, depression, autism, athletic performance, constipation, night sweats, low immunity, menopausal issues, pregnancy, lactation, digestive disorders and many more.


How does Nutritional Therapy Work?

At Nourished Roots, nutritional therapy takes a functional approach to treating individuals.  It is a client-centered approach that looks at the individual as a system whose symptoms, health and functioning are all inter-dependent on one another.   Nourished Roots uses a variety of methods to determine what may be impacting the client’s health.  We start with an in-depth health and diet history and  a twenty four hour food recall.  Using the information gathered, we sculpt an individualized, specific plan to help you reach your health goals.  Sometimes the body can be brought back to health with simple adjustments to diet.  However, sometimes a client may require more extensive therapy, including a long term wellness plan.  In both cases, we will work together to craft a plan that is right for you.

 To learn more about how Nutritional Therapy can help you call Teri at 503-708-8354.


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