Tips to Survive a Holiday Party

Holiday Party Treats.

Holiday Party Treats.

The Holiday season is upon us and for many of us with it comes parties, alcohol and a departure from our normal eating habits!  Why is it when it is on a beautiful tray, on a table filled with other treat laden beautiful trays does food I would never consider eating suddenly sound good?  (And if I have had a glass of wine, it doesn’t even have to be on a beautiful tray!)  Tonight, I am headed to my first Holiday party of the year and these are my ideas to avoid the usual mindless munching.

  • Eat before I go:  I am going to have a small, protein filled snack about an hour before I have to  leave for the party.  The protein will keep me full longer and keep me from reaching for high calorie foods just because I am starving.
  • Check out all options before filling my plate:  Before I take a plate, I am going to look at all the food options in the room and decide which ones will be the best choices.  This does not mean I will not have any “treats” but that I am going to decide which ones are really “special” and are worth the indulgence.  (Because really, what are the holidays without some “treats”!)
  • I am going to fill my plate with healthy choices:  I plan to fill my plate with as many fruits,  vegetables and other  nutrient dense food like shrimp as I can.  I plan to skip the dips, cheeses, fried foods and other foods with a high calorie to nutrient ratio.  If my plate is full of nutrient dense food, there is less room for food that doesn’t nourish.
  • Alternate water with alcohol:  Between each glass of wine or cocktail that I drink, I plan to have a glass of water.  This will keep me hydrated.  Being hydrated slows down the consumption of alcohol,  decreases the likelihood of a hangover and helps me feel full longer.
  • Bring a healthy appetizer to share:  I plan to bring a healthy appetizer to share.  This will be my contribution to the party and gives me something I know that I want to eat.

These are my suggestions for having a sane and healthy Holiday party season.  I would love to hear about yours.

Photo by Oakley Originals under Creative Commons.

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11 Responses to Tips to Survive a Holiday Party

  1. mmmm…tasty treats! 🙂

  2. kelsey says:

    great tips! love the snack before idea!

  3. Pech says:

    I can never hold back on trying anything on the table with cheese, but I second how important eating beforehand is in order to not mindlessly snack on too much by already feeling full.

  4. Bea says:

    Great tips ~ yes, for checking out the spread before you load up the plate and love the tip on alternating water with the other beverages.

  5. wine + h20 + wine + h20 = a fun night and a better morning. 😉

  6. Create/Enjoy says:

    Good idea to set some goals/”I will” statements before going! I agree that mindless eating is the problem to combat. Rather than depriving yourself of all treats, just being aware!

    I’m grain-free, dairy-free, low-sugar, just processed food-free, so I’m usually limited at parties and eating beforehand does help. Plus I feel extra icky afterwards if I eat something I’m not used to!

  7. I love your tip about bringing a healthy appetizer! Since I eat gluten free I always have to make sure that I bring something that is substantial enough to eat if it happens to be the only thing I can eat! It is also good to remember to alternate water and alcohol, lol, sometimes I forget that 🙂

  8. Emma Lincoln says:

    Great tips – definitely eating before I go has been saving me this year. Or I tell myself, you can have 2 treats, and then I pick very very carefully 🙂

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