New Years Resolutions Success

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We are sixteen days out from  New Year’s Day.  How are all of the resolutions you set going?  If you found that you are already starting to slip back into old habits, it is okay.  Refocus yourself.  Remind yourself about why this change is important to you.  A small slip up doesn’t mean you have to give up or are starting from ground zero.  It just means you need to recommit to the changes you desire.  Some ideas for helping yourself stay focused include:

  • Make your resolutions have small, achievable steps. Each success will build on the one before.
  • Write your resolution down, put it somewhere visible and read it everyday.
  • Find someone who will hold you accountable and have regular check ups with them.
  • Be prepared.  If your resolution is to eat healthy, have healthy food in your house, pack a nutritious lunch each night to take to work and get rid of all the  food in your house that doesn’t support your goals.
  • Make sure the resolution is something meaningful to you not something you feel society wants or expects.

If you follow these suggestions, you can accomplish the goals you set for yourself!

Photo from flickr.

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